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Monday, June 27, 2011

Making History Onstage (at Glastonbury)

 Looking at the blogs last night from each of Glastonbury’s 21 performance areas, I began to realize that this was going to be a concert experience like I’ve never even imagined.  I saw images of dancing mud parties, dubstep salsa jams, childhood dream lands, circus performers on stilts, environmental powwows, interactive art exhibits, and rock star studded performances... It became more exciting by the moment. Imagination and joy were running wild with wreckless abandon.  
Clearly, this was going to be an experience like no other.  It began with a muddy adventure with my girls out to the sea of people in our Wellies (Wellingtons: a british slang term for rain boots).   We saw all types of Glastonburians (and a few who clearly partied too hard the night before lol).
After a perfectly British meal of fish, chips and cider, we headed to the pyramid stage where I enjoyed acts like: the one and only Paul Simon followed by Plan B and Pendulum.

All of these great artistst made me so very thankful for the existence of music and how it connects us as human beings.
 ...and as the sun began to set, I could only think about one thing:  SHOWTIME!!!!

The energy of 175,000: incredible.

Being in a band of Women at the height of their artistry, rocking out together on one stage: Priceless.

Performing Glastonbury with Beyonce, the first female solo act to EVER close out the main pyramid stage :



Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Born Creative Baby: Life Lessons Vol. 1

Three years ago, I sat down to write a journal entry and out popped a few lyrics and a melody….next, a few songs came pouring out.  Soon after, more and more music appeared in my mind’s eye. More songs poured out than I could even record at one time….it was an eruption of inspiration! …and like a volcano transforms old land to form new land, Crystal J Torres, the artist emerged.  I was no longer just a trumpeter, or just a singer…. but an artist…A voice, with a message and a purpose.

Nine months ago, I asked you to take a leap of faith and support that purpose and the outcome was nothing short of miraculous.  A community of musicians, friends, family members, fans, and fellow visionaries (dream makers as I like to call us) rose to the occasion, and my first creative baby was born: Life Lessons's Vol. 1

I am beyond excited to share this project with everyone :o)
It could have never been completed without you! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I hope that you can feel the seeds of joy, truth and inspiration planted into the project.

With Love and Gratitude,

Crystal J Torres

PS.  For your copy of the album click on:  ITunes  or Amazon
For a physical copy of the album, any news, tour dates, new music, blogs, to leave a comment or to sign up for the mailing list, click on:
Your comments, questions, future blog entry suggestions/requests are always welcome! <3

Life Lessons Vol. 1 Personnel:

Produced and Written by: PMP Entertainment LLC
 (Crystal J Torres & Michael “Law” Thomas)
Vocals, Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Crystal J Torres
Backing Vocals on Reminisce & Recordar: Shaina L Torres
Drums: Danny Serrano, Nikki Glaspie
Bass: Jonathan “Jay” Rosado
Cajon: Franscois Zayas
Congas/Percussion: Orlando Vega, Rafael Herrera, C. James, Crystal J, Melina Cruzado
Guitar: Chris Sholar, Jeflee Johnson, Jimmy Lopez, Joseph Miele
Keys/Wurlitzer/Piano: Crystal J, Jameel Roberts, Oscar Stieler, Ricky Gonzalez

Recorded at:
Cambridge Sound Studios (Jim salamone) & Missing Lynx Studio (Angel Fernandez)
Mixing Engineer:  Michael “Law” Thomas (PMP Studios)
Assistant Engineers: Todd Mecaughey, Rafael Tena, Omar Loya Mata, Olivia Dorsett, Brian “Drum Dr” Mazzarini

Hair & Make Up Artists:  Ashley Morris, Lucille Velez
Chalk Artist: Adam Elbahtimy
Photo Shoot Assistance: Letsy Rivera, Mason Brown, Ryon Coleman, Bob Kaufmann
Photography and Art Design: Tracey Jones

A special thanks to all of my dream makers on kickstarter:

Gabriella Torres, Laura Munich, Myrna Marie, Danielle Michael, Izak rappaport, Ryon Coleman, Mason Brown, Luci Rivera, Cassandra T Marshall, Gabriel Bey, Michelle Hoffman, Joe Marlow, Monteo Myers, Candice Rivera, Denise Ellison, Candice Perez, Joseph Miele, Omar Loya, Millie Permint, Kathy Hasan, Bruno Oliveira, Lynette Ortiz, Amy Torres, Jessica Tyra, Christine Stepanaskie Besack, Doreen Bailey, Fred Velez.

Super Dream Makers: Rose Torres, Irma Ortiz, Carmen Brown, Charles Velez.

Legendary Dream Makers: Ann Vdo, Tonya Vdo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Life Lesson's Vol. 1." on I-Tunes & Amazon!

The vocal, trumpet, and songwriting talents of Philadelphia native, Crystal J Torres have led her to perform with Grammy award winning artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Trisha Yearwood and Roy Hargrove. She has graced the stages of over 100 cities, and more than 50 countries at prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and the White House for two US presidents.  Crystal J Torres' vibrant career continues to flourish now with the release of her self-produced, debut album,

"Life Lessons Vol. 1"  
now on
I-Tunes and Amazon!
                                                                              CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COPY!!

Crystal J Torres

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Crystal Torres talks with BeyonceWorld about touring with Beyoncé

Hey Crystal, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us here at BeyonceWorld!It’s my pleasure!
Most of the people reading would know you as a part of Suga Mama, Beyoncé’s amazing band. So tell us a little bit about what you play and how you got the job.
Well, I play trumpet as a member of the Suga Mama band and the road I took to get there is a true testament to destiny. When the Suga Mama auditions were announced, I was touring as the vocalist with Roy Hargrove’s, RH Factor, but I knew it was supposed to happen somehow. I said a prayer, “Great creator, if I’m meant to be in that band, please make it happen!” Several months later, Tia (Suga Mama’s alto saxophonist) and I met randomly at a jam session and eventually she called me out of the blue to say, “Can you come to NYC to audition tomorrow?” I showed up for the audition and have been in the band ever since. That experience taught me when something is meant to be yours, it will be yours no matter what.
What’s it like being on tour with Beyoncé?Intense and incredible! Our schedule is intense, everyone’s talent is amazing, the places we get to see are every traveler’s dream, and the fans are definitely INCREDIBLE!
Read the rest of the interview and some EXCLUSIVE pictures after the jump.
What are some of the best and worst things about it?I would say that the best things about tour for me are:
- The people I work with. Everyone’s pretty much a sweetheart and a beast at their craft.
- The travel. We went to the great wall and the pyramids in one week. SERIOUSLY! What more could you ask for?
- The fans. Met some really fun people on and off stage during our travels and there’s nothing like Bey’s fans.
Worst things:
- No sleep. Between our grueling schedule and the different time zones, sleep can be hard to come by.
- Missing family and friends. Sometimes I feel like a soldier we’re out so much. Skype is a life saver though!
- Not enough time in each city. Touring can feel like a cultural sampler sometimes. One night in Tokyo, another in Berlin, two nights in Sydney, three in London, between rehearsals, sound checks, jam sessions… there’s never enough time! I swear, I felt like I wanted to cry out, “It’s too soon to leave!” when we left a few cities.
Who are your main influences and how do you incorporate that into your playing and singing?
As a Puerto Rican, 80s baby who studied jazz formally and grew up in Philly, obsessed with the radio, my influences come from all over! Miles Davis, Ray Baretto, Prince, John Mayer, Andre 3000, Stevie Wonder… and that’s just a few. I love artists who can tell their story with musicianship and sincerity but I listen to EVERYTHING! I get more caught up in lyrics and melodies than actual genres. Whether I’m singing or playing trumpet, the goal is to tell my story from an honest place. Some people say my music reminds them of John legend, Esperanza Spalding, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Jamiroquai, Corinne Bailey Ray, the RH Factor, Pink, Bey… I’d love to hear what you all think!
Whether it was on The Beyoncé Experience tour or on the I Am… Tour, Suga Mama really have added something special to Beyoncé’s shows. The live versions of the songs are so colorful, so enjoyable. How does it work? Who does the arrangements?
The arrangements are a collective process. We all come up with ideas in rehearsal and fit them together like pieces of a puzzle. Beyoncé will describe what emotion or character she wants for a particular song, and we all make it happen together.
Do you personally take part in the process?
Yes! We all give input. For example, I wrote most of the horn lines in Broken-hearted Girl, Tia wrote most of the horn lines in Halo and Katty for Smash into you. Some songs like Radio we all did equally together. It just depends on the moment.
What are you working on now? Any exciting things coming up for you?
Very exciting things coming in 2011! We just finished my debut album “Life Lesson’s Vol.1″! It’s mainly a vocal album but of course I am playing trumpet on it too! I began writing it after The Beyoncé Experience (in 2008) and completed it little by little on and off the road. It celebrates our ability to mend a broken heart and grow fearlessly. Musically it’s a mixture of my jazz beginnings and the pop/rock influences I’ve gained as a member of the Suga Mama band. It was a lot to write, arrange, and produce it 100% myself, but I had tons of fun and learned a lot during the process. The next one won’t take nearly as long. This year is all about getting the album out to the people!
How exciting! And how are we able to buy it?
You can buy the album digitally on iTunes and Amazon. You can also buy a physical copy to be mailed to your home on my website. Both options can be found at
What have you learned about yourself personally AND musically from touring on such a big scale that’s helped you put together your OWN album?
Touring with Beyoncé and my Suga Mama sisters has taught me how important it is to be kind to ourselves as we evolve. It’s so easy to judge yourself harshly, or listen to naysayers, or try to please other people… but you have SO much more to offer as an artist and a person when you can just accept where you are at that moment and strive for growth. I took on that mindset while writing and recording “Life Lessons Vol 1″. It allowed me to put aside genres or preconceived sounds and just write from the heart. It’s a musical snapshot of where I am at this moment in time… and it’s only the beginning!
Can we expect to see some of your own live performances? Do you or will you have any dates planned?
Absolutely! We have several fun shows in the works right now and plenty to come. As they’re confirmed they’ll be posted on my website: and I’ll also be posting video clips of live performances as they happen throughout the year. You can sign up for my emailing list or subscribe to my YouTube.
Well, thanks again for taking the time out, I’m sure you’re very busy. We can’t wait to get our copy of the album! Good luck with everything!
Thanks so much! I can’t wait to hear from everyone!
Be sure to check out Crystal’s TwitterYouTube and Official Website! Also, click HERE to buy the album from iTunes and click HERE to buy the album from Amazon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Land of the Foreclosed and Home of the Scared??

I recently received an email talking about "illegal aliens" in Arizona, and how Mexicans are taking our jobs, and having their babies on our soil so that we're stuck with them.  Then I turn on the tv to see protest about a ground zero "Mosque".  After further research, I find that this "Mosque" (blocks away from ground zero) is really supposed to be a community center that will also have a place for worship since Muslims pray several times a day.   That same week, I see our president having to hold press conferences confirming his daily prayers and his Christian faith (as if being a Muslim would have made him evil)....All of it makes me ask.... What has happened to the ideals our country was built on???    Isn't this country based on freedom of speech??  Freedom of religion ?  The ability to choose where, when and how you run your business??  "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"????....what has happened to all of that??  Land of the free & home of the brave is feeling more like land of the foreclosed and home of the scared.

What do you think of today's America?  Are we allowing freedom to be replaced by fear?